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Aghaeze-Maple Enterprises, LLC (AEL)

Aghaeze-Maple Enterprises, LLC(AEL) is a STEM career development and training company.  AEL offers career, personal development consultation and workshops. 

I have been asked how I advanced my career so quickly within the first 10 years of working, thus, I decided to share my success stories and my failures.  I learned more through my failures than any opportunities I have received.  As a leader in my organization, I noticed my co-workers(engineers) were still struggling how to successfully manage their careers, so I decided to create a STEM career development training program, that will provide STEM professional the tools and resources they need to manage and grow their career. 

My career development training program will be an online program that will teach anyone how to obtain opportunities that give them more visibility, communicate more effectively, secure a seat at their organizations leadership table and cultivate their leadership skills.      

What are you waiting for, contact me today @ucheahotmail.com for consultation.

Ucheonye Maple
STEM Career Development Consultant

Ucheonye Maple

STEM Career Development Consultant


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