Resilient-A Key To Being Brilliant

Want to learn how experts identify resilience with their brilliance? Want to have a more rewarding life no matter where you are in life? This book will assist you in exercising resilience and in helping them bounce back from adversities and challenges. Daniel Scott, Ashley Dickerson-Hall, Sonya Drayer, Marlon Harmon, Rukiya Higgins, Ucheonye Maple, Dr. Stephanie May, Odetta Scott, Clifton Wesley, and Veonicca Wesley are all co-authors of this wonderful book. They have found ways to exude brilliance and manifest success beyond the challenges they have experienced. The stories highlighted in this book will amaze you and change your life. This book will create velocity and momentum for you to learn tools to manifest victory in the face of struggle and hardship. Your life is a product of resiliency and the convergence that we all go through.

Regardless of your background, economic or socio-academic status, age, race, or gender, we must have the courage to conquer adversities and challenges and move beyond them. Overcoming adversity is a journey, and the ability to prevail is vital to that journey. There is a common theme throughout this book. Resilience causes us to show up well regardless of what happened to us, what we experienced, or what happened around us. There is a cliche that says, “I don’t look like what I have been through.” What do we look like after the storm? Read this excellent book written by some of the most outstanding leaders of their kind, and be enlightened on becoming more resilient!

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