Who We Are?

Are you frustrated of  trying to figure out things on your own?  You know gifts and abilities that are not being utilize to its maximum level, you are overworked and overwhelm in your career, and you feel as if you are not in alignment with the purpose that has been given to you?

Here is the good news,

The Women Who LEAP(WWL)  Community(Leadership, Entrepunership, and Purpose) is here to provide you the safe place where you can go from overwhelm to overflow. The WWL is a vibrant, global network designed to inspire, connect, and support women from all walks of life in their journey towards personal and professional growth.

This empowering community is committed to fostering leadership skills, promoting self-empowerment, facilitating career advancement, and nurturing a sense of purpose among its members.

Women Who LEAP provides an array of resources including mentorship programs, online and offline networking events, skill-building workshops, and inspirational talks from leading women across various industries.

The community's digital platform offers a safe, inclusive space where members can share experiences, ask questions, learn from each other, and find support in their individual and collective pursuits.

This community truly embodies the essence of women supporting women, championing the belief that when one woman takes a leap, she creates a ripple effect that can inspire countless others to do the same.

Whether you are an aspiring leader, a professional seeking career growth, or a woman simply looking to connect with a global network of like-minded individuals, the Women Who LEAP Community is designed to help you thrive and make your unique impact on the world.

Educare School
Ucheonye Maple

Meet Your "Push" Coach
Ucheonye Maple

The journey of Ucheonye Maple, Founder of Aghaeze-Maple Enterprises, the young woman who made a life changing decision that has the potential to impact millions.

After continually climbing the corporate ladder in 2015, Ucheonye knew in her heart that she needed to do something else. She was tired of the corporate environment, tired of the workplace politics, and simply fed up with trying to prove her worth to break through the proverbial glass ceiling. She invested in herself by getting into a 6-month leadership program and got herself a coach because she had the desire to control her own path. Her coach enlightened her that she was allowing her environment to confine her and that she was dimming her light because she was around others who would take her light. After coming to that realization, she knew that she wanted to help others to be their very best version of themselves because she could see that others needed a helping hand or a “push”; so, she became more intentional with mentoring and speaking to others. During the pandemic in 2020, she was promoted where she was responsible for over a 100 people and responsible for over a $300,000,000 portfolio at work, but she was still having anxiety issues that were impacting her at work.

In May of 2021, a life changing event forced her to have a moment of reflection of “How did I get here? and “What put me in this situation?” She knew she needed to leave the workplace earlier. All the signs were there flashing brightly, saying “exit stage left”, but she was resistant. Why? Because she worked entirely too hard to get where she was in her career to just let it all go. She made a promise that she would put herself first if she could just make it through this ordeal. After returning to work after a 6-week leave of absence with everyone welcoming her back, it was the moment when her 2nd in command was providing an update for all the projects that she knew something was wrong. All she heard were the sounds of all the adults talking to Charlie Brown, you know the “womp, womp womp, womp, womp womp womp, wo womp” because she could not understand what he was saying to her. She made the decision that day, that that week, was her last week. She retired after a 22-year career at the young age of 44.

How did she retire so early? She already started her side businesses and she had options. Many people stay at work sick and she had the opportunity to leave and get healthy, so she could be more impactful with the lives she’s changing through the LEAP Business Accelerator. She understood that working professionals need a side hustle to put themselves into a better financial situation where there is no financial cap. She retired, because she could, and she had the means to do so. She wants that for all of you as well.

Do you trust yourself? Would you bet on yourself to win? Please do not dim your light or reduce the brilliance and greatness you have inside you. At Aghaeze-Maple Enterprises, our mission is to help 100,000 people to become financially independent and gain financial freedom by creating their own business using their natural gifts and abilities. Together we can keep striving, keep moving and keep breaking boundaries.

Founder of Aghaeze-Maple Enterprises